Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17

As I look at the last blog in June (so much for a weekly blog!) I was hoping for rain.  Still hoping for rain, but we did get and inch last Saturday.  It was a wonderful slow all day kind of rain.  It is about all dried up now, but I am hoping it has a positive impact to the crops. 

Unfortunately, the sweet corn was disked under this week.  So much time and effort (and $$$) was put into the corn crop, it was sad to see it wither and die in the field.  It is so far out in the field it is near impossible to irrigate, and I don't know that it would have made much of a difference.  It was trying to silk just as we were sustaining over 100 degree temp's.  Not good for pollination.  That is why the ears you had were lacking kernels.

Much of the crop up behind my folks house were saved by my father who was trucking in tanks of water.  I went up one day after getting up early to pick beans here, and he and my mother had been out since 6 weeding and digging trenches for the water to flow down (think it got 107 that day). 
So many thanks to them for pitching in, those weeks were hard!

Everything was affected by the extreme heat, and some things are just now bouncing back after some nurturing.

There is a new crop of summer squash in the ground, the okra is starting to flower and will pod soon.  The tomato crop is by far the best I have ever had, so cut and freeze your extras, you will be glad you did.  Many of the peppers were sun scorched during the extreme weather, I had to pick them off and I am waiting on a new crop to come on.  We will have lots of peppers, they will just be late.

Most of the potatoes are coming out of the ground, and although they are not nearly the size I had hoped they would be, they do seem abundant.  I am glad I did not pull early ones.  They all seem to be around golf ball size, they should be baking size.  This is due to the dry conditions, no water to swell up.
Eggplant is coming on nice and those who did not get one last week should this week. 
The onion crop and garlic crop is decent.

Going in the ground now is the fall crop- I am sure you are all missing greens!


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